Mike's Arcade for

  Windows, Mac OS, OS X

Mike's Cards for

  Mac OS, OS X

Mike's Marbles for

  Windows, Mac OS, OS X

Download all of Mike's games and enjoy the free demo modes!
If you like all three of Mike's Games and would like to register, then choose
"Mike's 3-Pack" when you register to unlock all three games for the price of two!


The Kagi store that used to process purchasing is no longer in business.

Simply write to me (Mike), and tell me which app(s) you want to purchase:

I will send a friendly reply to confirm which app(s) you are purchasing, and the price.

Purchasing is now processed using PayPal.
The reply will also contain the address to issue the PayPal payment to.
(It is not the same address used to write to me.)

The registration code(s) will be emailed to you following payment.

Sorry to see you go, Kagi. Thank you for years of wonderful service to shareware developers.