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Promo image: HD 1920x1080 | Ultra HD 3840x2160

Download (v1.0 · 34.0 MB)
No installer. Just unzip and run. Help
Requires Windows 7 or higher; .NET Framework 4.7.2.
Download 32-bit (v1.0 · 21.8 MB)
Runs on all processors. ARM processors require this version.

  • Free image viewer. No bloat. No ads. No installer. No support files. Just the application.
  • Browse your pictures quickly and easily.
  • Supported file types: avif bmp dds gif heic heif jpg png svg tga tif webp
  • Animating file types: avif gif png tif webp
  • Easily move in and out of folders while you browse.
  • View your pictures as a slideshow, with options such as shuffle and inclusion of sub-folders.
  • Split-screen lets you view multiple pictures at the same time.

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