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The complete revision history for "Mike's Cards"

June 11, 2007 - updated to v2.1
- Mike's Cards is now a Universal Binary
- this means maximum performance on PPC and Intel Macs

October 25, 2003 - updated to v2.0.1
- the default card deck draws much quicker now
- thin black lines never get left behind after moving a card

October 25, 2003 - updated to v1.8.4
- the default card deck draws much quicker now
- thin black lines never get left behind after moving a card

October 22, 2003 - released Mike's Cards 2
- many new features and games
- new dashboard to access features
- multiple user profiles
- unique game numbers to call up a specific
  deal of the cards on demand
- undo/redo slider bar
- find window searches for any games you're looking for
- control-click cards to fan them out or look underneath
- new one pack games:
Decade, Open Decade
Fifteens, Fifteens V2
Son of Fortune
Monte Carlo
- new two pack games:
Grand Canyon
Grand Duchess, Parisienne, The Isle of Capri
Grandmama's Patience
Heads and Tails
Sultan, Henry the Eighth

October 22, 2003 - updated to v1.8.3
- fixed black squares on cards in OS X Panther
- fixed sound cutting out when using sound sticks
- various minor tweaks and fixes

 March 16, 2003 - updated to v1.8.2
- fixed problem (new in v1.8.1) for some users in OS X that caused loss of
  preference settings and/or quit the program unexpectedly

March 10, 2003 - Updated to v1.8.1
- fixed bug that sometimes caused no game to appear, just the background
- Mike's Cards will now run from a read-only location
- the auto-saved game when quitting is now stored in the user preferences,
  not (as an invisible file) inside the "Mike's Cards" folder
- Agnes now properly allows the anti-base rank to be played to empty
  tableau piles, not just kings
- Duchess, which only allows you to move entire tableau piles,
  will now let you move just the top card to foundation piles
- Poker games now recogonize a Full House within two 3-of-a-kinds
- added "Undo to Start" to the "Edit" menu
- the game will now warn you before ending when you click on an empty stock
  pile while no redeals remain
- you can now press the "return" key to turn over the next card in the stock
- the "Mute All Sound" setting is now remembered in the user preferences
- in La Belle Lucie, no can now use the "grace move" to play a card to the
  same tableau pile that it came from
- in Gate, you could never play cards from the waste to empty tableau piles;
  you can now play cards from the waste pile to empty tableau piles, only
  once all of the reserve piles are empty
- in Duchess, you could always play cards from the waste to empty tableau piles;
  you can now play from the waste pile to empty tableau piles, only
  once all of the reserve piles are empty
- in Arcade Poker, aces will now behave as low cards as well as high cards
- in Cribbage and Euchre, the initial deal at the start of a game now
  alternates between you and the computer
- card spacing will now adjust immediately if needed when the window is resized
- the hyper-link to "Visit Mike's Cards Online" always works now
  (it displayed an improper error alert in some versions of the OS)
- the keyboard shortcut for the "Image/Trail/Shadow On" menu item in now
  "L", not "R", which the "Edit /Redo" menu item was already using
- having the caps-lock key on (to highlight playable cards) will no longer
  cause update problems

September 12, 2001 - Updated to v1.8a
- now works in Mac OS X 10.1
- fixed a situation that caused same cards dealt every time in OS X

August 31, 2001 - Updated to v1.8
- the same version now works in Mac OS and OS X
- added graphics to face cards in default deck
- various issues fixed in OS X
- fixed freeze in Mac OS 9.1 and 9.2
- added new 1-pack games: Chinese Solitaire, Dragon,
  Lucky Thirteen, Three Blind Mice, Threes in the Corner
- added new 2-pack games: Capricieuse, Congress,
  Mount Olympus

03/26/01 - Oops! It didn't quite work in the final OS X release. It's fixed now!
03/24/01 - OS X is released, and so is Mike's Cards for OS X!

11/28/00 - Released Mike's Cards Lite v1.7

11/28/00 - Updated to v1.7
   - added "Clear Statistics" to the "Edit" menu
   - added some new sounds
   - holding the control key when clicking will open a pop-up "Game" menu
   - outlined green text message draw quicker now
   - easy mode now works properly in games with multiple reserve piles that hold one card each, such as The Towers, Freecell, and Eight Off
   - in Canfield (and Rainbow and Storehouse), building the tableau now wraps the rank so that a king can play onto an ace
   - in 6, 7, and 8-Card Stud Poker, a flush is now recognized when there are more than 5 cards of the same suit
   - in Cribbage, text messages won't get clipped when using wider fonts
   - in Cribbage, the top stock card now waits until the crib hand is made before flipping face up
   - in Cribbage, it is now the proper player's turn after a play to 31 is complete
   - in Cribbage, the game will end right away if the last card played scores 121, and not continue to score the hand, which possibly put the loser to 121 also and then made him the winner
   - in Cribbage, though scoring was correct, the total won't display just the value of the last card only after the final card is played
   - in Cribbage, it's fixed so that the computer does not sometimes fail to play a card to total 15 for 2 points when it had the opportunity
   - in Cribbage, the crib hand can not score a 4-card flush now, as is supposed to be
   - implemented an easy mode for Cribbage

07/25/00 - Updated to v1.6.1
   - added new game "Hang Ten" to "Two Pack Games"
   - fixes messy-looking cursor a few people had (in v1.6)
   - cards start at proper size when defaulting in full screen mode
   - text messages (like in Cribbage) are smaller on smaller monitors
07/21/00 - Updated to v1.6
   - added 5 "Poker" games to "Casino Games"
   - added 2 variations of "Montana":
      - added "Gaps" to "One Pack Games"
      - added "Montana II" to "Two Pack Games"
   - implemented "Easy" mode for "Euchre"
      (turn "Easy" off for new, more skilled opponent)
   - all games can now be opened via its icon in the Finder now
      (a few of them used to display an alert regarding a "Library")
   - opening a game by its icon from the Finder won't be  ignored
      and over-ridden by the auto-saved game from last time you quit
   - a few small touch ups in the main application

07/01/00 - Updated to v1.5.1
   - fixes crash with scroll bar in the "rules" window
07/01/00 - Updated to v1.5
   - added new game "Crazy Eights" to "Kid's Games"
   - fixed card positioning problems when caps-lock is on
      (noticable with aces and autoplay)
   - opening a game state file will always draw properly
      right away (no side affects with autoplay either)
   - "Go Fish" won't freeze if you have the high score
      and your opponent goes out first

06/22/00 - Updated to v1.4
   - added new game "Cribbage" to "Contemporary Games"
   - you can now save and load game state during gameplay
   - current game state is remembered after quitting
   - state of windows is remembered after quitting
   - fixes "divide by zero" error at startup with 68K Macs
   - cut, copy, paste, and clear won't crash now

06/11/00 - Updated to v1.3
   - added new game category "Contemporary Games", with "Euchre"
   - added new game category "Kid's Games", with "Go Fish" and "Old Maid"
   - fixes screen update problems ("torn" or "broken" cards); most noticable in games like
      "Deuces" with multiple spread directions of piles
   - fixes "all" quirks when "caps lock" is used to hilite playable cards (yes, really this time)
   - added "Mute All Sound" to the "Sound" menu
   - games such as "The Towers", "Eight Off", and "Freecell" that let you move single cards
      in and out empty reserve piles, now intelligently let you play a sequence of as many
      cards as there are empty reserve piles, since multiple plays would allow the same result
   - "Arcade Poker" and "Blackjack" now display your score in the main playing window

05/30/00 - Updated to v1.2
   - added new game category "Casino Games", with "Arcade Poker" and "Blackjack"
   - added new games "Blockade" and "Patriarchs"
   - fixes freeze at startup due to installation of ATM (Abobe Type Manager)
   - "scanning files" at startup is very fast now
   - fixes some quirks when "caps lock" is used to hilite playable cards
   - you can now set the current game by opening a game file icon in the Finder
   - statistics are now updated for the current game if you quit during gameplay
   - "Squadron Leader" can be won now (you couldn't play the final two cards before)
   - "Spider" now obeys its "in suit sequence" rule for moving sequences
   - "Bisley" now states "king", not "ace" in the rules for the second foundation set
   - "Manx" and "Tabby Cat" have a little more room to spread the piles

05/25/00 - Updated to v1.1
   - added a new game named "The Towers" (a.k.a. Seahaven Towers)
   - startup is quicker
   - fixes black messes in lower portion of cards that a very few users experienced
   - the "caps lock" key will now highlight playable cards the same as the "shift" key
   - easier to differentiate a spade versus a club at small sizes
   - more logical default size for suit and rank on smaller monitors
   - changing font and font size will be reflected in the default card faces immediately
   - the "Image" options in the menu bar won't disappear if you place an image file into the
      "Mike's Cards" folder at the root level where the application is
   - added info for making your own games regarding bottom/right offset of piles to the built-in help

05/03/00 - Updated to v1.0.1.
   - fixes freeze at startup after files were moved in the Finder
   - minor tweeks to the built-in help

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