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These are complete sets of playing cards for use in "Mike's Cards",
an outstanding shareware solitaire game for the Macintosh.

Simpy download a deck of cards, decompress the file, then move the folder into
the "Mike's Cards/Images/Card Faces" folder. Then run Mike's Cards and you
will see a menu selection for the new cards in the "Images/Card Faces" menu.

The card images belong to the original makers of the actual playing cards. They have merely been scanned for use on
a computer. This means that these cards all exist as real decks of playing cards that you can purchase.

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Download Altenburg-Stralsunder


These following two decks were a donation from a fan of Mike's Cards.
They are the same deck, but one has been well used, and offers a nice authentic feel.

These cards are genuinely German, and rather than using Jack, Queen, King, Ace,
they use Bube, Dame, König, As.

These images are apparently "classical french pictures which is the standard card set in
germany", as I am told. "These are even the original pictures". Also told, "Curiously,
the classical german card set is nowadays only  used in certain parts of bavaria and
unknown to most germans."

Download "German" Altenburg-Stralsunder


Download "German" (Used) Altenburg-Stralsunder